Home & Business Service

Our professional technicians will review and advise you on proper strategy to keep your home & business pest free.  We’ll tackle your specific problems or design a general pest control plan and implement it on a monthly or quarterly basis to best fit your needs and budget.


Fire Ant Treatments

Ants work together so why don’t we?  Contact us and we’ll help you keep your ant hill from becoming an ant mountain!  Our fire ant treatments work through “Transfer Effect” and ants need only to make contact with other ants that have been exposed. This means you’ll see ants affected within one to three days and most species will be controlled within a week after treatment.


Mosquito Services-Skeeter Beaters

Our “Skeeter Beater” experts can treat your domain to help get rid of these pesky, itch-causing disease carriers.  Not only do we provide chemical solutions but we can evaluate and coach you on practical steps to reduce chances of multiplication on your property.  For example, poorly draining gutters become a perpetual mosquitoe producing moat around your home, hatching multiple generations until you address the problem.


Fleas & Ticks

Give your pets some peace of mind by calling Andan to eliminate ticks and fleas from their happy home.  It’s important to treat cats & canines regularly but why not keep your home free of fleas and ticks so they don’t have the opportunity to hitch a ride on your furry friends!  Don’t they deserve a flea-free domain?


Bed Bugs

Has someone been sleeping in your bed or lounging in your chair?  Be cautious when purchasing used furniture because these industrious little creatures can hitch a ride into your home on the back of a bargain. They can also travel in purses, backpacks and luggage or migrate within rooms of multi-unit buildings like apartments or motels. Our professionals can help you eradicate the problem so that you don’t have to sleep at night with one eye open!


German Cockroaches

The thoughts of roaches camping in your silverware drawer or having dinner on your plates before you do is disgusting!  Roaches are some of natures oldest and most difficult pests to control.  A cockroach can hold it’s breath for 40 minutes so it does no good to flush a live roach down the toilet.  They can also live without their head for a week and breathe through small holes in their bodies.  Roaches spread germs and bacteria throughout your home very rapidly because they can run up to three miles in an hour. Contact us quickly to address your roach problems because a  single pair of German cockroaches can mathematically produce up to 800,000 offspring in one year.



If you live in a catless home or your cat is not doing his job, contact Andan for rodent relief.  We can help you find & close entry points, design the best strategy for eliminating these unwelcome guests, plus get a game plan to keep them from coming back.


Houseflies & “Businessflies”

A female fly can lay up to 500 eggs at a time so it’s no wonder that you may suddenly notice a lot of flies in your home or business.  They are industrious foragers and the average fly lives for 28 days but some can live for months.  Whether it’s a housefly or a businessfly we are ready to help you address the problem.


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