Painting Services in Birmingham, AL

Interior Painting

Few things make as much difference to a home’s appearance as adding a fresh new paint color to brighten things up or to change decorator schemes.  Often this is also one of the least costly changes that can be made.  Even if you aren’t swapping colors, walls will benefit from a new coat of paint to cover up the dirt and dings of daily life.  Contact us and we’ll be glad to paint at your pleasure and make a dramatic difference in your home.

Residential Painting Services by Andan Home & Business


Paint Prep

Preparation can sometimes take more time than the actual painting itself, but investing in proper prep makes a big difference in the end result.  Our crews know what it takes to get the professional appearance that you will be proud of and they will take the time needed to get things in order rather than slapping paint over ill prepared surfaces.

Commercial Painting Services by Andan Home & Business


Quality Materials & Workmanship

Using cheap paint most often produces cheap results.  It’s better to invest in high quality primers & paints that will cover well, rather than thin paints that require more application.  Inferior paint may cost you more since it takes more product to actually cover the surface.  Also poor quality paints do not wipe off or hold up under everyday traffic or impact in your home or business.   Once you’ve settled on a quality product our professionals know how to apply it without dripping, streaking or making a mess in the process.


Painted Cabinets!

Your cabinets may be too dark for your taste or too light, or just plain outdated. Painted cabinetry can give your kitchen that fresh and updated look.  A little creativity can go a long way to help you save a lot of money.  Why not consider painting your tired, old cabinets rather than replacing them?


Exterior Painting

Exterior painting has it’s own set of challenges and prep work that needs to be done before paint application.  Surfaces need to be cleaned (to remove dirt & mildew), scraped, repaired and caulked as needed before covering.  Watch for companies that want to use excessive amounts of caulk or filler rather than doing wood or siding repairs that really need to be done.  Masking problems may look good for a short time but over the long haul, you’ll regret it.


Painting Methods

What is the best paint application method to use?  The best method is the one that will produce the best results and that may vary depending on your project.  Our professionals know how to spray, roll and brush and they have the experience to know when each is needed.  Although some incidental paint drips or overspray is inevitable the best painters don’t leave a trail of drips, brush marks and careless overspray on nearby surfaces which can cost you extra money to clean up afterwards.


Door Staining

A new door is a blank canvas and the proper stain plan can make it a masterpiece!  Contact us when purchasing your new door and we can help you stain the focal point of the Welcome Center to your home or business.  Also exposure to direct sunlight and outdoor elements, coupled with family pets “knocking at your door” will require that you give periodic treatment to keep your door looking its best. We can make things look brand new by resealing or restaining a tired weather worn entry.


Semi-Transparent Deck Staining

Because outdoor decks get so much direct sunlight and weather exposure, even with treated lumber, they will need periodic cleaning and restaining to prolong their life and give you extra years of enjoyment.  Our Pressure Pros know how to clean & renew a tired, greyed-out wooden deck by using the right pressure & chemicals, and our Paint Pros can follow up with new stain & sealing that will yield incredible results.   For those who like the wood-grained look, there are dozens of color options in Semi-Transparent Stains that will give the refreshed look desired while letting the wood grain show through.


Solid Deck Staining

For decks that are older or may bear more scars, owners have the option of cleaning and restaining using a Solid Stain.  “Solids” apply & adhere just like other stains but they have a “Paintlike” look.  The wood grain texture is still apparent, but the lights & darks of wood grains are hidden.  This applicaction is valuable in hiding a multitude of blemishes and gives a newer more even appearance.


Color Options

Because color selections may be difficult with small paint or stain swatches, we advise the use of smaller jars (available at most paint providers) to do sample painting in a little larger context.  Making your final color selection through this technique will hopefully help you to make the best selection and keep from having buyers remorse after the work is done.


Fence Staining

Maintenance is key for a strong, lasting and beautiful fence.  Staining can help avoid common wood problems such as fading, splintering and can help to withstand the weather elements nature throws at the wood. Using a high-quality, durable fence stain can keep your fence looking great and lasting for many years.   If your fence is already faded, you’ll be amazed at the difference a proper cleaning and staining will make.


Painted Brick

Painting your brick exterior is a relatively easy way to give your property a new look, especially if the exterior is looking outdated. It can add uniformity and a clean look that natural brick can’t always do.  Consider this great way to upgrade curb appeal and increase property value. Using a dark color like slate grey or even a classic white can create a major visual impact when painted correctly. It also provides protection from the elements and can help reduce fading and deterioration of your property’s exterior.


Business Painting

The color you choose for your office or workspace is crucial to how people will respond to your business. This applies to both employees and customers. Some colors have proven to be better at motivating customers to connect more, while others are good at boosting the productivity and morale of employees. We can help bring your business space to life in any color you choose.



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