Sunshine Guarantee Window Cleaning

The best way to determine if a window is truly clean is in direct sunlight. When cleaning your windows our crews do their best to remove dirt and leave them streak free. However if you see something we missed in afternoon sun that you didn’t see at the time of service, just give us a call and we will CHEERFULLY return to do any touch-ups if needed!

Window Cleaning

No spray bottles and paper towels here! Our trained professionals will clear dirt, cobwebs and debris from your windows and frames with a soft bristle brush before using a professional scrubber with our proven solutions to wash every pane. We will remove minor bug deposits, sap or paint drips with proper razor techniques or solvents. We squeegee and hand dried windows with lint-free, Huck Towels to give you a sparkling, streak free appearance. When washing inside surfaces the windows will be lifted to clean the sills beneath. Note that heavily soiled windows may require detailing.

Window Detailing

For windows that require extra work, we have the training to handle your needs. From long neglected windows to new construction issues such as paint overspray, drywall or concrete deposits, our crews know how to remove these without damaging your glass surfaces. Detailing involves additional time and materials and therefore an additional charge.

Window Corrosion

Glass may suffer corrosion from acid rain, constant exposure from sprinkler systems or other building runoff issues. Stage One Corrosion, giving a cloudy, scaly or rainbow-effect appearance may be treated and removed by a variety of polishes, cleansers or acids. Stage Two Corrosion that has been untreated cannot be removed. Also dual pane windows with broken sills and a cloudy appearance cannot be cleaned because the problem is between the panes and can only be handled by glass replacement.

Window Glazing

Many older homes have wood-frame windows with glazed window panes. Glazing dries out over time and must be replaced. Call us for a free estimate to repair glazed windows and maximize your home’s insulation efficiency as well as its value and overall beauty.

Window Repair/Installation

Cracked or damaged frames, broken panes and minor problems can be mended are handled by our professionals to restore windows and save owners money. If your needs would be better served by a new installation rather than repair, our crews will advise you as well. Free estimates are provided and no job is too small.